Chilled Beverages has partnered with Klarna and ShopPay to offer customers the option to use financing on their purchase. 

The financing options are available in the checkout.

Selecting a financing option will not affect the shipping or delivery time of your product. Your product will be delivered to your door at the same speed that it would if you were to purchase using any other payment method.



Straightforward and Efficient. No need for a bank account or credit card. Monitor your payments anytime by accessing your account at

  1. Place items in your cart.
  2. Then, choose "Klarna" as your payment option during checkout.
  3. Input required details to receive instant approval.
  4. Expect an email confirmation and payment reminders from Klarna.
  5. Streamline all upcoming purchases with Klarna by a single click.

Each financing option is slightly different, so use the information below to select the option which is best suited for you.


pilates reformers equipment for sale financing installments


When checking out, you have the flexibility to pay all at once or break down your payment into more manageable parts. Here are your installment plan options:

  • For orders ranging between $50 and $999.99, split your payment into four equal parts, due every two weeks, without any interest.
  • For purchases from $150 up to $17,500, opt for monthly payments. These come with an interest rate of 10% to 30% APR. Depending on the total amount, you can spread your payments over three, six, or twelve months.

1. Add items to your cart.
2. Select "Shop Pay" as your payment method at checkout.
3. Select to pay in instalments.
4. Review all of the instalment payment options that are available to you, and then choose the option best suited for you.
5. Review your purchase, and then make your first payment at checkout.